Westland American Single Malt | Whiskey of the Week

Founded in 2011 by the Lamb Family in Seattle, Washington, Westland is unusual in the American craft distillery scene in that they only produce single malt whiskey (almost every new American craft distillery begins by selling un-aged spirits while waiting for their whiskey to mature). Westland Distillery is singularly focused on making malted barley whiskey, thus competing against the like of Scotch single malt and Japanese single malt whisky. Westland sought out to intentionally create a spirit fitting for the Pacific Northwest, and if you know that barley grows well out there and that clean water is plentiful, it’s apparent that single malt whiskey fits that shirt size just right. Westland makes whiskey in the spirit of Scotch- 100% malted barley fermented, double pot distilled, and aged. The climate where the whiskey is matured is cooler, with only slight fluctuation in temperature.